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Axanthic Ball Python Morph
Background Information and Primer

Axanthic ball pythons are a truly underrated ball python morph but interest is growing rapidly as breeders' are now realizing their massive potential when crossed with other morphs. An Axanthic ball python morph lacks the yellow pigmentation that can be seen in normal ball pythons. They are silver and black (like a black and white photo) as hatchlings but usually darken up some, as they grow older. Axanthics bred to Albinos produce babies that are double heterozygous for traits from both animals. When these babies are bred to other animals with the same genetic makeup, they produce a "Snowball" ball python. These animals are highly sought after because they have an off white "sparkling" appearance. An Axanthic is a recessive trait animal so when it's bred with another Axanthic they will produce an entire clutch of Axanthic ball pythons. When bred to a normal ball python, the hatchlings will be 100% heterozygous for Axanthic.