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Bumblebee Ball Python Morph
Background Information and Primer

Bumblebee ball pythons are the result of breeding a Spider ball python with a Pastel ball python. The combination of these animals' produces a brilliant looking animal, the Bumblebee, that has the "best of both worlds" displayed in both color and pattern. This morph is a "combo" morph and has a greater combined value over a Spider and Pastel ball python because traits from both are merged into just one animal. The combinations that can be achieved by breeding a Bumblebee to other morphs are virtually limitless. A "Killer bee" ball python is the result of breeding a Bumblebee to a Pastel (or another Bumblebee) ball python. Killer bee's are "super pastel spiders" and have a more extreme faded appearance over a Bumblebee. When a Bumblebee is bred to a normal ball python, the hatchlings will be Bumblebee, Spider, Pastel and normal ball pythons.