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Mojave Ball Python Morph
Background Information and Primer

Mojave ball pythons are considered morphs because they do not display the patterns and colors of typical normal ball pythons. Normal ball pythons have a variety of brown, gold and black shades that make up the normal "wild-type" ball python. Mojave's on the other hand have a more intense yellow and sometimes greenish yellow coloring. Mojave's oftentimes display a series of circular patterns located on their dorsal spine and their bellies are pure white and pattern less. Mojave ball pythons were first reproduced in captivity in 2000 and were later proven to be a co-dominant morph. It was later discovered that a white snake with blue eyes could be achieved by breeding a Mojave with another Mojave. This white snake is oftentimes referred to as a Leucistic or "Super Mojave". Mojave ball pythons are co-dominant trait animals so statistically speaking, when bred to a normal ball python half the clutch will be Mojave ball pythons and the other half above average looking normal ball pythons.