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Orange Ghost Ball Python
Background Information and Primer

Orange Ghost ball pythons or otherwise known as hypomelanistic (or hypos) are another form of an extreme ball python morph. Not only do they have a ghostly appearance, they display orange coloring as their predominant color and get lighter and more ghostly with age. The ghostly appearance occurs due to the decreased amount of melanin (darkened pigment) in their genetic makeup. Unlike most ball pythons, Orange Ghost sheds are clear and don't display any pattern whatsoever. Orange Ghost ball pythons are always in strong demand and cross very well with other ball python morphs. A Spider bred to an Orange Ghost for instance will produce Spider hatchlings that are 100% heterozygous for Orange Ghost. When these Spiders are bred with other Spiders containing the Orange Ghost gene, they produce the coveted and highly prized "Honey bee". Orange Ghosts are recessive trait animals so an Orange Ghost bred to an Orange Ghost will produce Orange Ghosts. When bred to a normal ball python, the hatchlings will be 100% heterozygous for Orange Ghost.