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Pastel Ball Python Morph
Background Information and Primer

Pastel ball pythons are color morphs that have yellow and sometimes orange colors throughout their bodies with a slightly purple hue as hatchlings. Pastel ball pythons tend to get brighter and brighter as they grow into adulthood. They can often be identified by a lightly faded head and are easily distinguishable when placed next to a normal looking ball python. The Pastel ball python is a very necessary ingredient for producing some truly amazing morphs when bred to other ball python morphs. A Spider ball python bred with a Pastel ball python for instance creates the highly sought after "Bumblebee". There are a myriad of morph combinations that can be achieved through and only through a Pastel ball python. Pastel ball pythons are co-dominate trait animals so they have a super version that is much lighter and intense in appearance. A Pastel-to-Pastel breeding will produce a super version of the Pastel known as the "Super Pastel". Statistically speaking, when a Pastel is bred to a normal ball python, half the clutch will be pastel and the other half above average looking normal ball pythons.