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Piebald Ball Python Morph
Background Information and Primer

Piebald ball pythons are truly one of the most sought after ball python morphs because they are a magnificent sight to behold! Ball python lovers and even people that dislike snakes are in total awe when they behold a Piebald. Piebald ball pythons are like fingerprints where no two are alike. They can have very little white to an almost white snake with just the head portion appearing dark. One interesting fact about Piebald's is that their offspring can have a little or a lot of white dispersed throughout the body regardless of how much white the parents have. You can produce a high-white Piebald with two low-white parents and conversely, a low-white Piebald from two high-white parents. Piebalds have an extreme aberrant pattern that starts from the base of their neck down throughout their body with wonderful appearances of orange, brown and green coloring. Piebalds are recessive trait animals so a Piebald bred to a Piebald will produce Piebald's. When bred to a normal ball python, the hatchlings will be 100% heterozygous for Piebald.