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Yellow Belly Ball Python Morph
Background Information and Primer

Yellow Belly ball pythons are interesting morphs because they're not extreme as other ball python morphs but pack a "powerful punch!" when bred with other ball python morphs because they drastically change the appearance in the resulting animal. Yellow Belly ball pythons can be challenging to notice at first because they look very similar to normal ball pythons but do have certain characteristics that set them apart. Looking at the sides and belly of the animal can identify a Yellow Belly ball python. The irony is that the term "yellow belly" was derived from the dirty yellow coloring on the sides as opposed to the belly. They can be identified by their faded heads, bright flaming patterns starting at the stomach, high yellow coloring that's focused on the sides and a granite speckling on the stomach with similar speckling on the sides of the belly. They are co-dominant trait animals that have a super version when a Yellow Belly is bred to another Yellow Belly. This super version is known as the "Ivory" ball python, which is a lavender color snake with dark blue eyes centered with a deep red pupil and a yellow stripe down the dorsal spine. Statistically speaking, when a Yellow Belly is bred to a normal ball python, half the clutch will be Yellow Belly and the other half above average looking normal ball pythons.